Normally at the mall, shopping is very social. Friends choose clothes they like, and everyone gives their thoughts to help decide what to buy and what not to buy. You lose that when shopping online. It is hard to save what you like, share it with friends and get feedback.

TheStyleCure is a place to go shopping online with friends. Click ♥ Save on the clothes you like, they will all be saved in a stream. There your friends can see all the clothes you like and you can see all the clothes they like. Then everyone can easily comment on the clothes to help you decide what to buy. You can also shop for friends by going to their profile and posting to their wall.

TheStyleCure is powered by ShopStyle and has over 1 million products, 300 stores, and 7,000 brands all in one place. Some stores and brands featured on TheStyleCure include:

Nordstrom  Neiman Marcus  Urban Outfitters  Christian Louboutin  Saks Fifth Avenue  Gucci  Manolo Blahnik  Prada  Juicy Couture  Barneys New York  Bloomingdale's  Michael Kors  J.Crew  Steve Madden  Marc Jacobs  Ralph Lauren  Christian Dior  Burberry 

TheStyleCure was created by Ryan Sit for his wife, Michelle. They live in San Diego, California with their 2 little kids.